Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Movember in the Land of Mountains

Hi Guys,

Do you know what Movember is? Have you wondered why a large proportion of the male population have suddenly gone bristly? Each November I (along with countless other friends in Gliding, Work, Engineering etc) attempt to out-do each other's lip warmer, starting afresh from clean-shaven on the 1st November.

This would be a pointless exercise, after all you can't just force a mo' out faster by thinking about it, but it's all done in the name of charity - prostate and testicular cancer charities to be precise, as obviously these are men's health issues and generally only men can grow a mo... (yes I know there are exceptions!)

My mo has been on the grow for 21 days now and despite being both blonde and sun-bleached, it's fairly respectable! I'm collecting donations out here in Nepal (in NRP, USD, EUR and GBP) and will add that to my sum total in due course, but if anyone reading this blog is also inclined to donate in my honour, I would be REALLY grateful for any contribution to the fund. It all goes to a great cause so please don't be shy.

I'm part of the 'Edinburgh University Gliding Club Team' of moustache-growers so if you would prefer to donate to the team at large, especially if you are a glider pilot reading this blog, please could you send some coppers in this direction?

Finally, if you would prefer to support the effort in spirit only, or to keep up with the EUGC Mo' Team news, do check out our Facebook group.

Only 10 days left! Must grow faster!!!

(thanks everyone)

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  1. Made a donation Colin. Keep up yr blogging!!

    (p.s. Mum says we should expect you to be eating the ski chalet pantry right out of stock when we get to Italy!)