Monday, August 13, 2012

Changing Flights & Ready for Departure

The last month has been pretty busy - as well as spending at least half of it at airfields (Lasham, The Park and then Pocklington) I have been organising the rest of my trip around the world. Most of the work had already been done, but there were (and still are) some industry visits which need finalising and I have had to sort out my visas for the USA, China and India. Nepal's visa can be arranged on the border so I might as well do that once I've departed.

However, there is one change I have made to the schedule - that is my flight from UAE back to the UK. Originally I was going to fly back to Gatwick, but I have now changed this to Heathrow. The same date, the same city, but £120 to change the flights! Why, might you ask?

2 reasons. Firstly, I fly out of the UK from Heathrow on Wednesday and in order to complete my circumnavigation properly, I need to return to Heathrow. It is also easier to get home (or onwards - maybe to Edinburgh for Christmas) from Heathrow.

The second reason can only be summed up with a photo:

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  1. Hope the first part of your journey is going well, have fun! x