Saturday, August 18, 2012

Exploring Hollywood

Once I left the Warner Brothers studio, I headed to central Hollywood to have a look around Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Avenue etc. First stop though was pizza for dinner.

The immensely famous Hollywood sign, framed of course by a Hummer Limo!


Hollywood Walk of Fame (which is surprisingly long, over 2000 stars I think!). The ones I recognised on the short stretch I walked were Hank Williams, Queen and Alec Baldwin.

After mooching around for about 20 minutes, I headed to Sunset Gower Studios for an independent film showing organised by NewFilmMakers Los Angeles. It was a privileged location for such an event, in the shadow of the Hollywood sign and inside an active television studio!

See, I wasn't making it up...

The film showing took the form of 3 sessions of 1 hour's length, featuring between 4 and 5 films each. I bought the pass for the whole evening (I expect most people did) for only $15 and each film of between 4 and 26 minutes long each finished with a Q&A session with the creators. I love independent short films; this was a real feast and I encourage you to check out the website here:

Some of the Q and A's.

Also there was a FREE bar at the reception! I was the first in so it looks a bit empty in this photo, but believe me, it was crowded. However I was still an hour from Santa Monica by bus and, not being sure when the bus service stopped and with midnight approaching, I couldn't stay too long.

Bus journey home was relatively uneventful, apart from being slept on and also someone being arrested. This is LA, of course ;-) Anyway it would seem I have conquered jet lag, sleeping in til 07:30 for the second morning in a row. Today I am going to walk the beach and see what weird and wacky things I find. Still kicking myself for not extending the invite to Aussie girl from yesterday though!
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