Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Day of Culture

I spent much of Wednesday being trying to catch up with the blog-writing and also sorting out various parts of my trip to New Delhi. However, I did venture out to get cash in order to extend my stay at the Five Stones Hostel and then with another hostellite called Larissa (from Austria), we decided to go to Little India to get dinner (having been inspired by my research earlier in the day).

By complete coincidence, we happened to be right outside a Hindu temple as the call to prayer and then the ceremony took place. I felt a bit intrusive, standing right outside taking photos, but it was an interesting occurrence and no-one seemed to mind.


We endeavoured to find the 'best Biryani in Singapore', according to the Lonely Planet guide. Find it we did, and good it was, but the establishment itself was very shabby and quite overpriced! On the other hand it more than redeemed itself with Mango Lassi, which was delicious and probably thanks to the fact that Mango grows here natively and is thus very fresh.

We wandered through the streets of Little India, admiring how different it felt from the rest of Singapore:

Then took the MRT home. But as we stepped out of the MRT station we noticed a Chinese Cultural celebration set up in the park nearby. Here was an impressive display of lanterns outside:

And on the main stage, a traditional orchestra performed some lovely pieces; once again our timing was impeccable!

The lantern exhibition continued in a marquee where there was a competition for school children to design their own lanterns. My favourite was certainly the Durian-themed lantern!


Finally on our way back to the hostel, we spotted some games of Chinese Chess.

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  1. Hi Cj. I can't get over how many different things you are doing. You are certainly bringing the world to us and find all your snippets of information fascinating. Great to talk to you yesterday and hope your last week of living in Sin goes really well. AOL Mum xx