Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Following Morning...

Not quite as beautiful as the previous day, but certainly very Chinese...

We had discussed the possibilty of going to a theme park on Sunday morning. However, having had reports that it may not be quite as exciting as the European (or American) theme parks we'd visited before, and we awoke at about 10:30, this plan was scrubbed and we ended up back at that same Starbucks, deciding what to do before our train left at 2pm. Nothing exciting emerged from the discussion so, to the train station we went. Once again through the security checks, we wanted to find food to eat on the train; while the others went to McDonald's, I went to a Chinese restaurant (or, as they are called in China, 'restaurants') and managed to explain that I wanted to take it away with me. You would be amazed at how difficult it is to get a take-away in China...

The train duly took us back North across countryside that was as amazing as its variety.

Sometimes passing huge motorways, absolutely deserted, as we crossed the Yangtze delta.

We also passed some huge cities and construction projects- imagine a cluster of 30 identical high-rise apartment buildings being simultaneously erected, and with 5 or 6 clusters like this in view at any one time! As soon as one disappeared, we spotted another...

So a quiet evening for me then; I managed to get Skype working and had a nice video conversation with Mum, Dad and Dave as they came round for a BBQ. It was a bit weird seeing sunlight through the curtains when it had set many hours ago here!
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  1. "Not quite as beautiful as the previous day, but certainly very Chinese..."

    I'd disagree. If you can see further than the end of your road, then it's NOT very Chinese. My week in Shanghai and Beijing were smogged out!

  2. Great stuff Colin - I LOL'ed at your Chinese takeaway narrative.

    Thanks for keeping such great records - worth the wait to read them.

    Love, Dad