Friday, September 28, 2012


Friday morning, I spent visiting a company here in Singapore. It was a good meeting - I hope I'll be back out here working at some point in the near future. Singapore is an interesting place for Aerospace R&D, it is something the Government is pushing significantly and providing funding accordingly. Singapore has always been quite an Aerospace hub, but mostly for Civil MRO, so it would be interesting to see what develops next.

In the evening, I met up with a chap called Kenry, who is a Bath alumnus friend (and colleague) of Chay Him. We went out for dinner, just to catch up on Bath news and also for me to get a bit more of an idea about normal life and work in Singapore.

Being Mid-Autumn Festival week, there were all sorts of arty things happening down by the banks of the Singapore River, including this enticing quartet of traditional Chinese instruments...

...oh wait is that a Cello?!

We went for dinner at a quite expensive Japanese restaurant. At least, it was advertised as a Japanese restaurant and the dishes were named accordingly. But all of the food was suspiciously Italian - spaghetti, pasta, pizza? Didn't know that those were Far East dishes!

Then, for aftercourse, we decided to find a bar for a drink. Why not go to Hooters?! We had some eye-wateringly expensive drinks and some ribs to munch on. Sorry no photos of the waitresses, they seemed exceptionally busy. But we had a good chat about National Service, women, engineering, the weather, all the good stuff!

And we enjoyed the view over the river (for the bar was outside on the river front)
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