Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evening Happenings in Lokanthali

Not a huge number of things to do here in the evenings, except resort to using the laptop like now, but we have kept ourselves amused by playing cards (sometimes with more 'players' than people  - it's amusing to see how competently a randomly dealt hand can play against real people...), engaging in all sorts of stimulating debates, reading books, and sleeping (9pm is a good bedtime).


Also trying to eat the twice-daily meal of Dhal Bhat (rice and lentil soup) without any cutlery at all. And making girls cry. I think with laughter... 

However a few evenings have been more exceptional, including the day we ejected a 2m long venemous snake from the compound (we shooed it into the sewer; where it's gone now I have no idea!):

...and another day when we attended a surprisingly good open-air and free entry Nepali rock show, which was actually taking place on the side of the road, so many drivers just stopped their cars in the carriageway to watch:

And we have also visited Rishna Sweets a few times which does the most amazing Jellebi  and other such snacks.

But it's been so relaxing, having little to do and early bedtimes, I wish I could keep this up in the UK. This evening has been much the same - dinner then a card game (Alfie and me taking it in turns to play a variation of Patience, without shuffling the deck, to see if it would converge) and now writing up this blog. It's 21:45 and I feel like I'm late for bed!

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  1. Nice to see some 'action shots' of your work out there. Thank you again for your really interesting accounts. Sounds a great way of life at the moment. AOL Mum xx

  2. I've played cards with imaginary players before... When I was 12, my sister and I used an apple and a banana as our competitors one long, boring, drizzly, wirralian summer. The apple won EVERY game...