Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Public Swimming

I completely forgot / chose not to take my camera on this trip to the Swimming Pool; why would I?! So these photos come courtesy of Donnie who also visited on a different day to us.

Adi (our local guide and all round awesome chap), Alfie, Nicky and I decided that visiting the swimming pool would be a nice way to spend a public holiday. So we took the local bus (15 Rp each way) with a whole basket full of chicks and other locals, to the swimming pool which we were first told was closed and then eventually were let in after waving some money around.

Amusingly, the pool is sponsored by Pepsi, and they cannot spell 'Gents':

It was outdoors and unheated but nearly olympic-sized (I would say 35 to 40m long). While we were there, it was virtually deserted, but some lifeguard-looking people came out to watch us westerners swim for a little bit and eventually gave us an inner tube to play with (though the valve, poking in to the middle, made it an interesting challenge to dive or jump through).

We discovered that the pool did not have a deep end as such, but merely a deep middle and two shallow ends. It was warm enough to swim vigorously in but for some reason, maybe due to the temperature or altitude or general lack of fitness, this was surprisingly difficult!

But we had amusing fun nonetheless. And experienced a public swimming pool in Nepal. Which is always worth the story - if not the 150 Rupees!

(lane ropes were not installed on our visit)
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