Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Marina Bay at Night-Time

Friday lunchtime, I met up with a friend of my parents', called Stuart, who gave me a really good insight into life as a British expat living in Singapore. He's just learnt to drive here as well, which was very interesting to discuss. He has got very used to the climate, as I am beginning to do, and I was able to quiz him on the entertainment options - sport, hobbies etc, and from our discussion it would seem that most places in Singapore are within 10 minutes of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Which is great news!

We had lunch in a food court again. I had a sort of porridge which had pork ribs in it. Tasty, though not easy to eat with either chopsticks or a spoon, and I generally avoided the plankton which were sprinkled on top like a morbid sort of condiment.

Afterwards, I had another industry visit, so I was glad that there was only a small trace of porridge on my trousers.

In the evening, as part of the Mid-Autumn celebrations, I went along to the Esplanade for a very good drumming display by a local group. These guys (quite young, maybe teens - 25) were terrific and had some very innovative performances, including one depicting ducks splashing each other with water, and another which involved lots of throwing gongs upwards. But also impressive was the very bilingual talents of the members who introduced the pieces, switching between Mandarin and English with no effort at all!

After this I walked back to the hostel, taking in the lovely sight of the Esplanade (L) and the Merlion (R) which border Marina bay. 

And I was also able to catch another light display, this time from a slightly better viewpoint.

And then went home and Skyped quite a few people, including Dave who had this comedy expression frozen on the screen for some time, after our internet connection was dropped! As promised I have included it here, you're welcome :-)

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